Lets Talk Chocolate

Two Truffles, Please…but hold the sugar!


With all the hype about sugar substitutes, what is good and what is bad, how is a person to know exactly what to believe? When you read a food label, do you know what you’re reading and what it really means? What about the difference between Sugar Free (SF) and No Sugar Added (NSA)? Is there a difference?

There certainly is! Some think that SF and NSA are the same thing, simply written differently depending on the manufacturer. Let’s clear that misconception right now! A difference exists, so let’s take a look at what that is.

Sugar Free products, quite simply, contain just that, NO SUGAR. Since the FDA has defined the terms that are utilized in the food industry, we must be aware of the levels for acceptable sugar values. There must be less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving to quality as a ‘Sugar Free’ food item. What they do have, however, is some sort of

artificial sweetener such as Nutra-Sweet, Splenda, saccharine or some other carbohydrate free product. Carbohydrates are the key element here. Because diabetics must watch their carbohydrate intake, they look at the product labels to be certain that the label reads that there is no form of sugar content in the product. In turn, this item will have a very low carb count. A diabetic would be searching for labels that indicate less than a half-gram of carbs per serving. No Sugar Added products do not use sugar as an ingredient, but there may be other natural sugars found in that food item. Eggs and milk, for example, contain natural sugars (lactose) and vanilla contains

natural sugar, as well. This term may be used if no sugar or sugarcontaining ingredient was added during processing. Other natural sweeteners would include honey, corn syrup, fructose and dextrose. These ingredients aren’t sugar but they will raise your blood glucose level. No sugar added foods will have a higher carb count, so if

you’re looking for a healthier choice for a sweetener and are not attempting to limit the amount of carbohydrates that you take in, then NSA foods make the perfect choice for you. Many decadent dessert items are made with sugar substitutes that enhance the flavors of the surrounding ingredients. Maltitol, for example, is the sugar substitute that is utilized in the making of chocolate truffles. This product bonds most efficiently with chocolate,

providing a sugar substitute that is both tasty and low in carbs. At Tasty Image, we offer a full line of delicious truffles in both sugar free and no sugar added. If you’re looking for a cool, refreshing ice cream, try the Breyers NSA ‘smooth and creamy’ ice cream, which is available in butter pecan, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry…and for those of you that think the man in your life isn’t looking for a sugar free treat, take a peak at Mens Health magazine which features an “Eat This, Not That” listing of, you guessed it…NSA items! Don’t be surprised to learn that Chocolate is topping the list of favorite and most sought after SF and NSA dessert pieces. Take a

mid-summer day break and indulge…it’s guilt free!