Chocolate chocolate  chocolate….This goes with the hospitality industry like a horse and carriage.

I decided to look into the use of chocolate as it is utilized by the hotel and hospitality industry after a recent stay in a Hawaiian resort. Shortly after checking and making our way to a luxury suite overlooking the ocean, a knock at the door immediately followed. What a beautiful display, as I was presented with a platter filled with bagged goodies amidst a fresh pineapple.  A perfect way to greet someone who has just traveled some 11 hours!

The platter is carefully placed on the coffee table and I just had to jump right in!

Chocolate covered pineapple bites, dark chocolate macadamia nut truffles, baked potato chip salts coated in chocolate, milk truffle nut cluster dusted in coco power, banana bites smothered in dark chocolate, dark enrobed coffee beans, caramel coco’s rolled in salt and finally chocolate coated dried fruit medley.

Wow!!!  What would they do without chocolate?  This certainly peaked my curiosity as to where the hospitality industry would be without chocolate and why would these hotels find themselves without the opportunity to brand, through chocolate???

Delectable taste, elegant style, and impressive corporate branding are available at a price per guest that is unrivaled in the hospitality confections marketplace.

Custom branded chocolate casino chips are an excellent choice and are perfect for gaming locales. Gorgeous full-color custom printed bars are another of the products that are made with custom printing and uniquely designed for various properties.

Sumptuous chocolate truffles provide a memorable experience for guests’ taste buds and serve as a distinctive reminder of how important their business is to any hotel owner/manager.  

I wondered, exactly what is spent on chocolate by the hospitality industry.