Chocolate??? Relax Madge…you’re soaking in it!

In the mid 1960’s, dish soap wasn’t supposed to be good for your hands! That may have ben the case until Palmolive let America know that dish soap can be soothing to the skin. So who ever thought that chocolate might be! Here we are, 50 years later only to find out that the sweet, delicious and decadent dessert would land at a body and skin wellness center near you. It’s the sweetest, it the smoothest and it’s the latest way to relax the mind, body and skin…Chocolate body wraps.

Chocolate contains cocoa butter, which acts as a moisturizer for dry skin. Cocoa butter also has a reputation of preventing stretch marks during and after pregnancy. When cocoa butter is applied to the skin, the natural oils are allowed to permeate the skin and leave a residue behind which results in a smooth, soft feel and diminished fine lines.

Cocoa butter is known as an excellent emollient that hydrates as it melts at body temperature, making it easily absorbed by the skin. Additionally, the residue left behind provides a barrier from the environmental elements that can cause skin to become dry, flaky and ashy rather than soft and smooth. Cocoa butter contains Vitamin E which is known to soothe skin as it allows for therapeutic hands to glide over sore muscles. For this reason, it is sometimes used in a massage therapy to relieve achy muscles and even reduce itchy skin.

It is also believed that cocoa butter can help to prevent scarring and the darkening that is left on skin as a result of a deep wound. Because of this, massaging skin with any chocolate that contains pure cocoa butter will likely result in scarring and help to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Body spa prices for whole body wraps can range from $120.00 to $500.00 and include a full body “painting’ of melted cocoa butter while relaxing in a private room that maintains slightly warm air and often, soft and soothing background music. After a 30 minute relaxation session, chocolate is slowly wiped clean, leaving you smoother and more sweet than ever!

Imagine another way to enjoy the sweet aroma and mood enhancing scent that chocolate delivers….and this makes me wonder if Madge knew that now we can have our chocolate, and heat it too!

Relax……you’re soaking in it!