Security Policy

Secure Encryption

At the Tasty Image, we are committed to providing our customers with a secure shopping environment. We maintain practices and procedures designed to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of customer information, and use various security measures to ensure that your credit card information is protected, including the latest in security technology. The Tasty Image is registered with GeoTrust, the leading provider of digital authentication services and products for electronic commerce. GeoTrust Inc. delivers critical infrastructure services that make the Internet and telecommunications networks more intelligent, reliable, and secure.

Secure Socket Layer

When you place an order through our shopping basket, your personal information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, the industry standard security protocol for encoding sensitive information.

SSL creates a shared digital key, which only lets the sender and the receiver of the transmission scramble or unscramble information. To everyone else, the SSL transmission is indecipherable. Encryption is based on the mathematical scrambling and unscrambling of messages.

The type of encryption we use assigns two keys - one is a public key and one is a private key. When you send us a message, you use our public key to encrypt your message. Once we receive your encrypted message, we use the private key to decode it. The same key cannot both encrypt and decrypt information. So, information encrypted using the private key can only be decrypted using the public key, and vice versa - ensuring the security of your information.

This technology, together with our other security measures, protects your personal information as it moves from your computer to our server. We also restrict and limit access to customer information only to those employees who require it to carry out their business functions, and educate our employees about safeguarding customer information and preventing its unauthorized access, disclosure, or use. We constantly monitor and adopt, as appropriate, new technological improvements designed to protect and ensure the accuracy and security of customer information.

Sites secured by QuickSSL are utilizing 128-bit SSL certificates, thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

Password Protection

At the Tasty Image, Inc., your sensitive information is password protected, adding to the level of security offered by SSL technology. (See Secure Encryption for more information). When you establish an account at the Tasty Image, Inc., you choose a unique password for your account. You may change the password as often as you wish by going to My Account and selecting "My Account".

Problems Signing In

To ensure protection of your confidential information, we have carefully designed a process to assist you when you have trouble signing in. In most cases, problems signing in result from the submission of an unrecognized e-mail address and/or password. Click on Forgot Password link, type in your email address and in a second you will receive your user name and password. If you are having trouble signing in to our site, please contact Tasty Image Customer Care.

Credit Card Transactions

To protect our Resellers against credit card fraud, the Tasty Image, Inc. checks all submitted credit card numbers against a database of stolen account numbers.

Order Confirmation

The Tasty Image, Inc. sends you an e-mail notice confirming acceptance of each order you place. If you receive a confirmation for an order you did not place, please e-mail us immediately at Customer Care.