BYOB Chocolate-Making Class

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Indulge Yourself and Delight Your Senses in this Lively, Hands-on/Taste-on, 2 Hour Workshop Taught in Our Chocolate Kitchen!


Under the Superb Guidance of Your Private Chocolatier, You Can Learn a Variety of Skills and Techniques that Include How To:
Melt, Temper, Mold, Dip, Create and Hand Craft
Your Very Own Amazing
Array of Luscious
Confections and Chocolates!

Every Class offers unique, challenging, and different opportunities from Beginner to Advanced Skill Levels!
Learn Custom Crafts and Skills to use for a Lifetime of Creativity, Fun and Gift Giving! Best of all, you’ll take your creations home to impress your family and friends!

Class Space is Limited Options Include: Private, Semi Private or Small Group
Our weekday classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4 pm, while our weekend classes are typically late mornings/early afternoons. Please call us at 561-745-9974 for specific times you're looking for.

The printer inside Tasty Image hums its monotone song and produces a high-definition photograph—on a thick sheet of chocolate. But It's not a waste of candy. The machine uses FDA-approved, food-grade inks to create readily consumable, framed chocolate photographs or personalized lollipops. The ink is entirely odorless and flavorless and serves as mere decoration for the cocoa beneath. It’s treats like this that make Tasty Image so different from other chocolate stores.

The international chocolate shop's offerings go well beyond the simple printed image as well. Using another method, the staff provides kits with edible-ink markers that kids can use to color in chocolate butterflies before devolving them back to caterpillars with a few swift bites. Each shop also carries boxes of truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and even raw chocolate, which is used in Tasty Image’s BYOB chocolate making classes.