Truffle Towers (Corporate)

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A Gourmet Assortment of Chocolates and Confections.

The ultimate gift of appreciation that will keep you on top of the game! Hand-selected and custom designed, this four story tower is built to impress. Stacked with premium chocolates, Truffle Towers will leave your important clients with your most delicious and lasting impression! Personalized and professional.

Welcome to Truffle Towers -- where high-powered businesses give a high-powered gifts. Within the four layers, we've packed truffles in assorted flavors AND so amazingly good, even the guy with the comb-over would approve.

Truffle Towers, you're hired.

What's included? Box #1: 24 truffles and a personalized chocolate card. Box #2: 6 gourmet nut clusters or 15 truffles. Box #3: 8 truffles. Box #4: 4 truffles.